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SEGPRO Folding Stand
SEGPRO Folding Stand
folding LED light box display
folding LED light box display
folding lightbox frame
folding lightbox frame
pull up the SEG lightbox frame
pull up the SEG lightbox frame
folded state
folded state

SEGPRO Folding Stand

Patented SEGPRO Folding Fabric Lightbox

85mm Aluminum Profile

Double-sided LED Fabric Light Box

Quickly Build A Single Unit In 10 Seconds

SEG Tension Fabric Light Box Printing

Floor-standing LED Light Box Display

Connect Multiple Units Magnetically

Portable Lightbox Package With Handle

Fire-resistant Fabric: DIN 4102 Class B1

Product Detail

The SEGPRO Folding Stand is an upgrade to the traditional SEG light box with world-leading light box folding technology of patent. This light box has a foldable design at the connection part. The light strips are pre installed, regardless of positive and negative electrodes. You only need to pull up the frame, install the supporting crossbar, foot, and textile prints to complete the installation of a single light box in 10s. The entire process truly implements toolless installation. It is an ideal solution for a wide range of applications, including trade shows, retail spaces, and events.

folded seg light box

SEGPRO 85 foldable lightbox counter on exhibition


This is a specific parameter about foldable light box that I hope will be useful to you:

1. Pantented folded structure, save strength when set up

2. All plastic parts are V0 flame retardant grade

3. Intimate design to prevent hand pinching and make it difficult to scratch your hands

4. LED service life 50000 hours

5. Mangetic combination for large backdrops

6. Hidden cable trough, and increase the plastic cover, cleaner and more beautiful

7. Oxford trolley bag transport package

8. Including light box frame, textile prints, carry case

Packing Size1205mmx300mmx170mm1050mmx330mmx170mm


magnetic light box.jpg

package of folded light box.jpg

SEGPRO Folded Light Box Spec.jpg


Q: Do you have a patent for your folding light box?

A: Lintel global patent layout: China, PTC, DE, EU, USA

Q: How easy is the SEGPRO Folding Stand to assemble?

A: The SEGPRO Folding Stand is designed for effortless assembly, taking only 10 seconds to set up. The pre-installed LED light strips and magnetic connection system eliminate the need for tools or complicated wiring.

Q: Can I use multiple SEGPRO Folding Stand units together?

A: Yes, the SEGPRO Folding Stand's magnetic connection system allows you to combine multiple units to create larger and more impressive displays, ideal for showcasing large-scale graphics or creating backdrops for events.

Q: What are the minimum unit sizes of the SEGPRO Folding Stand?

A: The SEGPRO Folding Stand is available in two standard sizes: 850mm x 2000mm and 1000mm x 2000mm.

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