SEG Pro Magnetic Aluminium Light Box
  2023/03/07| View:426

Our SEG Pro magnetic light box is made of 85mm aluminium extrusion, light and portable for transportation while still stable for indoor advertising. This economical type of light box have two sizes for your option: 850*2000mm and 1000*2000mm. With these two sizes of singular light box, you could set up larger light box backgrounds as many as you like. By the way, the creating process is quite easy that you only need to put several singular size light boxes side by side, the magnets inside will let them connect closely together with each other for combining into the larger backdrop. 

SEG Pro Magnetic Aluminium Light Box,SEG Light Box

The function of our 85mm magnetic light box is far beyond your imagination. Besides connecting several smaller light boxes together to create one larger event backdrop, with some corner connectors, it is also very convenient to make some innovative booths by yourselves based on this light box with magnets.

In addition, the graphic installation is totally tool-free as well. The tension fabric is surrounded by a thin silicon strip, you just need to insert it into a narrow slot along the edge of light box frame. Then, open the power switch, the amazing shiny scene will show.

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