Foldable SEG Light Box Makes Your Display More Portable
  2023/04/12| View:555

The foldable SEG light box is an upgrade to the traditional SEG light box. This light box has a foldable design at the connection part. The light strips are preinstalled, regardless of positive and negative electrodes. You only need to pull up the frame, install the supporting crossbar, foot, and SEG screen to complete the installation of a single light box. The entire process truly implements toolless installation. Widely used in stalls, advertising exhibitions, promotional activities, etc. 


Here is some basic information about the product:

1. Material: aluminum alloy

2. Profile thickness: 85mm

3. Size: 850*2000mm, 1000*2000mm

4. Packaging: hand-carried box, oxford bag available

Compared to traditional light boxes, the advantages of our new foldable light boxes:

1. Traditional light boxes need some time for splicing, foldable light boxes due to the overall frame to help lift, the product taken out directly formed the framework, can greatly save the light box assembly time.

2. Traditional light box storage and installation requires wiring. Foldable light box The light strip adopts wireless connection, so you don't need to install it yourself and don't have to worry about installation anymore, it is not necessary.

3. Foldable light box compared to the traditional light box, the price is more affordable, more cost-effective.

Overall, foldable light box in the traditional light box based on the upgrade, more good to meet the needs of customers, the product is also more cost-effective!

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