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SEGPRO Aluminum Stand 3000mm*2000mm
SEGPRO Aluminum Stand 3000mm*2000mm
aluminum light box 2850*2500
aluminum light box 2850*2500

SEGPRO Aluminum Stand 3000mm*2000mm

The SEG light box uses a light aluminum framework. The modular design can transport more compactly and greatly reduce the cost. SEG products are economical for long -term and short -term display. There is no glare, so you can get the best display by replacing new fabric printing easily at any time.

Product Detail

Modular accessories, quick installation, high brightness, replaceable SEG Graphic, brilliant colors – this is SEGPro lightbox display.

SEGPro Plastic LT-120 2850*2000/3000mm structure

120mm Profile Lightbox Specification

Frame Size:3000x2000mm3000x2250mm3000x2500mm
Packing Size:470x255x1020mm470x255x1270mm470x255x1270mm

lightbox structure

Why do you no longer want to use traditional lightboxes?

Quick installation

Modular snap pin connection, toolless installation, completed within 3 minutes.

Attractive attention

Perfect lighting ensures brilliant colors and the necessary attention of customers to your information.

Screen replacement

Need new promotional information soon? No problem! The textile SEG graphic can be changed within a few seconds.

As light as a feather

SEGPro is placed in a portable Oxford bag, and the lightbox frame made of aluminum or plastic is very lightweight.

plastic / aluminaum light box stand

SEGPro lightbox modular size

SEGPro functional accessories

Accessories of various angles help build more stall shapes to realize your ideal booth!

Common booth design

lightbox accessories for retail solution

Light makes your poster different

If you want to attract attention to your poster, lighting is a key advantage. SEGPro always stands out.

SEGPro Lightbox System

The following questions may help you place an order:

Q1: How to inquire?

A1: Click here to leave your space and dimensional requirements in order to save time costs.

Q2: Can the light box be customized?

A2: Different customization requirements have different order quantities, such as color, light strips, transformers, and the difference between the length of the wires caused by the height will cause differences in order.

Q3: What are the certifications of the light box?

A3: The LED lamp beads include CE certification, UL certification, CULUS certification, the substrate has UL certification, the transformer has CE/UL certification, and a special light box has a fire prevention certificate.

Q4: What are the after -sales service of SEGPro?

A4: 1 year of quality insurance, please ask your customer manager for specific policies.

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