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Adjustable Banner Stand LT-21
step and repeat stand
Adjustable Banner Stand
Adjustable Banner Stand
Step and Repeat Backdrop
Step and Repeat Backdrop
Adjustable Banner Stand LT-21A
Adjustable Banner Stand LT-21A
Adjustable Banner Stand Package
Adjustable Banner Stand Package
adjustable frame
adjustable frame

Adjustable Banner Stand LT-21

Adjustable banner stand has a various application, such as red carpet events, presentations, corporate parties, press rooms and more. Typical advantage is adjustable, portable, collapsible, stable, convenient and large-format printing. Easy to install, and the angle could be modulated freely.

Product Detail

Step and Repeat Baner Stand is a kind of promotional banner mainly used for event photography, printed with a repeating pattern so that the brand logo can be seen in the photo of the person standing in front of it. The most typical uses for step and repeat banners are at conferences, trade exhibitions, and ceremonies. Its free standing design saves walkway space for busy grand opening or red carpet events.


Step and Repeat Adjustable Backdrop

Essentially, they are banners with small repetitive logos, and you will usually see these background frames behind celebrities at events such as red carpet events, awards ceremonies, and evening parties.

The perfect marketing tool for large-scale events and marketing campaigns

lClassic step and repeat design, very popular in high-profile events

lTelescopic rod means that the size can be adjusted quickly and easily

lDye-sublimation printed graphics are clearer and more beautiful

lEasy to setup and easy to put away

It is an indispensable tool for fashion shows and other important occasions. Companies use stepping and repeating banners to promote their products or services at low cost and benefit from these marketing backgrounds.


Material: Aluminum frame
Packing: Nylon padded bag for packing


Graphic Size(W)140~315*(H)110~240cm

Packing Size

102* 10* 24cm







Anodized aluminum frame, luxury models

φ38, φ34, φ30 as the vertical adjustable beam size

φ34, φ30 as the horizontal adjustable beam size

Zinc Aloy Bolt for locking, for large size without support pole



Take it out carefully and check if the item is missing.



Insert the vertical rod into the foot.



Use a tool to fix the screw on the vertical rod on the bottom hole.



Connect the vertical rods on both sides with large screws.



Install the top and bottom crossbar adapter parts.



Adjust the height and width to complete the installation.

Adjustable frame banners of different sizes can be combined with each other to become a poster wall. 45°-270° great freedom of rotation, you can place it as you want.


1. Aluminum Frames with fabric

2. Black painted

3. Telescopic pole for adjustable height and width, highly portable and easy to store.

4. Easy installation. One person can easily install the banner.

5. With a basic nylon bag, convenient transportation.

6. Economic display equipment, using as pop up indoor and outdoor, in a word, good quality with effective cost.

7. Shaped silver base plate to maximize stability,

Packing: With a 600D nylon bag and K5K5K outer carton to ensure its security

Questions & Answers

Q: What are benefits of step and repeat?

A: Step and repeat banners are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit almost any advertising budget.

Reusable, which means they can continue to benefit your brand through a one-time investment.

Easy to store and quick to set up.

The professional appearance of step and repeat banners makes your company stand out.

Photos with banners are posted online by fans or reporters because they are usually related to celebrity activities. This means that your company's logo will attract valuable attention and exposure online.

Q: How to choose the size when buying step and repeat backround?

A: The most popular step and repeat sizes are 8'x 8'and 10' x 8'. The 8'x 8'background is suitable for 2-4 people, and the 10' x 8'is suitable for 4-6 people.

4'X 8' step and repeat banner is about the size of a huge door. It is very suitable for small gatherings and meetings, as well as places with smaller capacity, suitable for 1-2 people.

6'X 8' step and repeat banners are very suitable for red carpets and corporate events as advertising equipment, and are the best choice for displaying the background of large-scale events.

8' X 8' step and repeat banner is suitable for 4 people to take photos, and is very suitable for concerts, public relations activities, awards ceremonies, birthday celebrations.

20' X 8' step and repeat banner can accommodate 10 to 12 people. For important events such as seminars, birthday parties or weddings.

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