How often do tension fabric displays be replaced
  2021/03/27| View:254

Generally speaking, tension fabric displaysare generally replaced every 3-5 years, which is estimated based on the best display effect of the display rack. Of course, the actual situation is more complicated, and you need to make a judgment based on the specific situation.

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If your tension fabric displays are made of composite materials, that is, wood, metal or PVC with acrylic, then you will judge the service life of the display stand based on the comprehensive wear and tear of multiple materials. Wood or metal materials are usually surface treated. The spraying of oil or powder is determined according to your requirements, so the board will not be exposed to the air, while the PVC and acrylic will be in direct contact with the air. Dust, moisture in the air, friction of the product, consumer's touch, etc. will affect its service life, so it is likely to damage them. Usually, there are obvious scars on the display shelf. We recommend that you replace it. After all, the display stand directly represents the brand image. If you pay more attention during use, proper maintenance can extend the service life, because acrylic has higher color rendering and hardness. As long as there are no scratches, there will be no unexpected effects on the appearance.

The replacement cycle of tension fabric displays can also be based on different types. If it is a branded display rack, you don't need to worry about the trouble of product replacement, and it can be used before the display rack is scrapped. On the contrary, if it is a product-type display rack, it needs to be replaced according to the update of mobile phones, cosmetics and other products. New products of these two types of products are launched for half a year or a year. Therefore, when new products are launched, the old tension fabric displays need to be replaced.