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SEGPRO Folding Counter
SEGPRO Folding Lightbox Counter
SEGPRO 85 foldable lightbox counter
SEGPRO 85 foldable lightbox counter

SEGPRO Folding Counter

Introducing the SEGPRO LT-85 Foldable Lightbox Counter: the ultimate solution for exhibition booths and events. This tool-free marvel features a rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for power outlets. With the battery power display, you'll never run out of juice unexpectedly. Simplify your setup and stay powered up effortlessly.

Product Detail

SEGPRO LT-85 Foldable Lightbox Counter - the ultimate solution for your exhibition booth and event needs! This tool-free marvel is designed to make your life easier, providing tool-free assembly and disassembly. With its rechargeable battery, you can say goodbye to endless trips searching for power outlets. Plus, the battery power display ensures that you never run out of juice unexpectedly.

SEGPRO 85 foldable lightbox counter overview


Here is product specification about SEGPRO LT-85 Foldable Lightbox Counter, hope this will help you.

NameSEGPRO LT-85 Foldable Lightbox Counter
Material85mm Aluminium Frame + Steel Base
Frame ColorSilver/white/Black/Customized
Graphic Size1000×1000mm
Table Size350×1000×9mm
Packaging wayHard Case
ApplicationsShopping mall/Store/Retail shop/Exhibition show

SEGPRO 85 foldable lightbox counter structure

SEGPRO 85 foldable lightbox counter on exhibition

SEGPRO 85 foldable lightbox counter package


Q1: What is the maximum size of the light box connection?

A1: The recommended width is 6 meters, with a maximum of 2.5 meters.

Q2: Advantages of light box measuring light source, compared to backlight?

A2: The overall cost performance of the light box measuring light source is high, and it is convenient to install, saving space. The backlight source has higher brightness and uniform brightness, but its price and cost are higher, and both have advantages.

Q3: What is the material of the light box graphic? Is it fireproof? Do you have a test report?

A3: Special light box cloth, foldable packaging, fire proof certificate available.

Q4: Will lighting up for a long time and high temperature affect the graphic?

A4: The screen material itself is flame retardant, and the light bar itself is LED, which can be used for a long time without high temperature, so it will not cause shrinkage and deformation to the graphic.

Q5: If we make a light box booth, can we design it? Do you provide online DIY design?

A5: There are multiple options for the design of existing light box stalls, covering multiple combinations such as straight and arc types, and you can choose from existing options. Customized requirements can provide corresponding designer services. Click here for custom service.

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