New Patented Product - Modular SEG Fabric Frame
  2023/04/06| View:284

SEG fabric frame has always been a hot seller for our company.

We have 4 height for you to reference 500mm/120mm/2000mm/2400mm.

Modular Foldable SEG Fabric Frame

Here are some information of the frame: 

Packing:nylon bag (indoor)+carton (outdoor)

Frame size (mm):1000*500/1200*500 1000*1000/1200*1200

Package size (mm):1035*150*115/1235*150*115

Packing weight (kg): 5.5/66/6.5(2 Frames)

Color: Sliver

Printing: Single side or Double side

Printing Method: Dye sublimation printing by Italy imported machine

Graphic Material: Polyester

Usage: Advertising or promotion activities

Surface Treatment: Anodized treatment

Flag Bases: steel ground stake, steel ground spike, cross base, steel base foot


1. This design is plug-in structure. Save space, easy to be stored.

2. Toolless

3. Foldable

4. Light weight

5. Small package 

6. Rapid assembly

7. Modularization 

8. Easy transport

9. Super ultra slim frame

This system is foldable and modular, the installation is really fast with 5–10 seconds only, we have various of angle connectors to have modular frames combined to different layouts. Corner connectors was designed with slot that allows silicone edge graphic to go through from one modular frame to another, we could have 2 or more modular frames combined in one system and use 1-piece of large silicone edge graphic only, the graphic will look nice.