What are the advantages of the SEG Light box
  2022/06/23| View:477

SEG Light box illuminates backlit graphics with perimeter LED lighting that’s powerful and energy-efficient (only 8-15 watts per LED module).  With a life expectancy of over 50,000 hours, The Edge-Lit Light Modules inside each lightbox have a specially designed power supply that’s built into the LED light bars so they do not require a separate supply box like traditional/bulkier lightboxes.

SEG Light box

The SEG light box is environmentally friendly because it does not have the infrared and ultraviolet radiation of this.

The light box is made of LED strips laid on the back. The brightness is high and uniform. Compared with the Rabou light box, the light box has no cover and is frameless. The picture is flat.

SEG light box installation is more flexible but also divided into indoor and outdoor, can be hoisting, hanging, vertical installation and other installation methods, the screen is easy to change and easy to save, for the regular activities of the place is very convenient, the lighting brightness can also adjust the different scene of different brightness, screen material diversity of three-dimensional sense of strength and so on are the advantages of SEG light box.

The LED strip of the SEG light box is arranged neatly, and beautifully, constant current circuit, and the structure is safe and simple. No ultraviolet ray, no infrared ray, no strobe, green environmental protection. The screen can use elastic cloth, textile cloth, or smallpox soft film seam silicone strip, you can quickly replace the screen, and the screen within three years does not fade.

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