Several installation methods of backup tension fabric
  2022/05/24| View:569

Drop tension fabric is one of the most common advertising materials, which can be used in a wide range of applications. Advertising using the drop tension fabric is very eye-catching and can be very effective in getting the word out. There are also a number of different installation methods for the drop tension fabric, and today we're going to talk about them.

backup tension fabric

Wall installation: wall painting is very common, for small backdrop tension fabric, we can use cement nails along with the backdrop tension fabric around the wall, or glue paste, simple and convenient.

Truss installation: trusses are also common and are often used for activities. First of all, the drop tension fabric will leave a gap of 5 cm ~ 15 cm wide for double layer fastening. If it is a small truss, it can be fixed directly by glue.

Shop Front: weld metal frames to the wall as needed, glue the drop tension fabric to the top of the frame or replace the frame with wood if you don't like it, but the weather resistance of the wooden frame is not as good as the iron frame.

Large-scale drop tension fabric installation: for large-scale drop tension fabric installation, a strip of wood can be nailed horizontally up and down, with rings or other fixings placed on the upward section of the strip, and the ink-jet cloth is punched up and down with a ribbon tied tightly on the ring nail.