New Arrival-Price Competitive PVC Roll Up Stand
  2022/05/18| View:530

Nowadays, we have received many requests from our distinguished customers that if we have more econimic roll up stands, except aluminum material.

And now we feel glad to say that we have launched a new PVC roll up stand. It has below advantages:

1-Material: PVC base+Aluminum Bungee Pole

2-Color: white or black is our standard color, other customized colors are also available.

3-Top rail style: Clip Rail/Adhesive Rail

4-Size (W*H): (500~1000)*2000mm


Unique elevation angle design, Inclination control at 4~6°

Embedded pole pedestal, more stable

With smaller package, storage space&shipping cost saved


There are many kinds of roll up banners in the market, but if you need the best quality with price most competitive model, then Lintel is your best choice.

Pls feel free to contact us if you need a sample, we will get back to you within shortest time.