What is frameless SEG LIGHT BOX
  2021/03/18| View:941

A SEG Light box is not a real "frameless". The secret is that there is a silicone thin strip on each edge of the fabric graph. Insert the silicone strip into a special design frame having a groove, which has an "frameless" appearance.

Typically, the SEG graphic weight is light and more durable than the direct print module. Similarly, the dye sublimation function in these graphs makes it more vivid.

Moreover, these graphs provide a more complete look for your monitor. The sewing line is hidden in the frame stretching to provide seamless graphic display.


Some advantages of SEG Light Box include:

Storage: SEG fabric is light. Therefore, they can be easily stored and folded. They also occupy the smallest space, easy to store.

Nursing: Steam and wash. This makes them durable.

It is very suitable for the environment: they can be made of recycled products.

Glare: The SEG pattern has zero glare. This makes them a great choice for media, photography, and photography purposes.

SEG-Light Box.jpg