Lintel Display Tourism in Wuxi
 2015/06/15 | View:30

In order to enrich employees’ life , Lintel display organized the whole company stuff and their relatives to visit Wuxi scenic spots. 

Wuxi is a place well known for many tourist attractions . This time , what we visited is the Turtle Head Isle , Water Margin City and Three Kingdoms City. 

Turtle Head Isle is a natural tourism spot with Chinese Taoism and Buddhism culture. This Isle is located in WuXi Tai lake, it need to take boat to arrive. With its special location , the scenery is very beautiful and tranquil . When walked in this site , you will feel totally peaceful and relax . Following the guider , we learned a lot of Taoism and Buddhism culture, you can also go inside of the Taoism temple and pray for health for you and your family. 

Water Margin City and Three Kingdoms City is a place named with Chinese Classical novel.Now these two places is China famous site of TV & Film producer. Here we can see a lot of buildings and palaces for Chinese History costume dramas use. China is a country with 5000 thousands history , so when we walked inside the buildings , we can feel the ancient dynasty is just beside ourselves. 

In the cities, we can watch kinds of performances, like the well known three hero fight against with Lv Bu from the novel of Romance of the Three Kingdoms

The three hero is Zhangfei,Guanyu and LiuBei , and LvBu is the general of Dongzhuo. Dongzhuo controlled the  government and is Imperious & Cruel.


n a word , we really enjoyed this tourism, it makes us relaxed and get a lot of Chinese History knowledge.