Different profiles booth comparison
 2015/06/15 | View:24

During the Expo, a large proportion of exhibitors booth layout work will be entrusted to a professional exhibition company, and subsequently not added again focus on.Undeniable is a professional exhibition company in terms of resources, experiences, conditions and other circumstances they are professionally competent, but probably in the process of building, take the exhibition cannot be 100% from the Exhibitor's needs, resulting in some flaws.Therefore, the Exhibitor must also understand the basic knowledge of the main structure in the booth to ensure best build effect of booth.Following are several common exhibition stall profiles:
1, wood;The structure is mainly composed from 9 plate keel, each of the 9 per cent to 1200X2400mm, per plate can be made about 1 square wall panel in half, half of the keel.Other structures can be plates nailed together.When walls when you need to load, 12 per cent is required to plate, thus allowing the screw difficult.Needs paint or spray paint effect on the surface, you need to use wood panels, and PuTTY powder on the surface, then paint.Wood surface Boeing film, fireproof Board, latex paint, spray paint, paint effects.The waste material is very serious, not conducive to environmental protection, and prone to collapse during the exhibition.

2, truss structures;Advantages of this structure are clear, simple, low cost.But truss structure used in the show is too widespread, no new ideas, no grade will result in the booth effect, look cheap.
3, sections structure;According to the profile of the understanding of the early structures are mostly used for standard booth, with eight buckets column, flat aluminum plates for combination, conventional beach is divided into 9 squares and square of 18 standard booths, for small enterprises provide a convenient and affordable way.Economic development of modern science and technology, profiles are diversifying, dominated by aluminium columns, such a larger variety of profile structure to stand, the advantages of environmental, economic, removable, disadvantage is still limited structure.

This shows that the material in several common booth, exhibitors profile structures become the preferred, but how to avoid problems with limited structure.
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