Corporate Production Safety Standardization
 2013/11/27 | View:27

September 2013 , our company started the " enterprise safety standardization " standard, the spirit of " leadership attention , strict management , full participation " principle, in order to secure the main starting point to create a standardized , established Safety Committee , seriously carry out and implement " safety first, prevention first , comprehensive management" approach to safety in production , prompting Lintel toward safety management procedures and standardization direction.

During our committee to contact the actual situation of production safety , security and long-term production and standardization of production and management of accumulated production safety management closer together , focus their energies on building safety standardization , education, operation and evaluation work ; continuous introduction a number of production systems to improve safety procedures ; and increasing investment in production safety , strengthen worker training and education , and further enhance the full safety awareness . At the same time , focusing on the production process of a job hazard analysis and risk assessment, and actively carry out hidden rectification , such as : increased workshop warning signs, operating equipment for review on a regular basis , so that the nature of the production site safety level is improved.

Through our efforts and strive earnestly to grasp the meaning of security standardization, according to their own specific situation , effective implementation , to really establish a healthy development for the Lintel’s safety management system in long run .