Lintel'' s joyful Journey to Changzhou Flower Expo
 2013/10/28 | View:25

To appreciate contributions of all people here in Lintel, our company organized a trip to Changzhou Flower Expo in the golden autumn time - October for feeling Natural beauties and tranquility, enjoying leisure and comfort in the world of flowers.

We were cheerfully chatting and joking with each other on the way to Flower Expo in that exciting morning, we got off the bus and entered the exhibition hall in order after arrival and then threw ourselves to the ocean of flowers and felt Natural amazing beauties all around. We chatted together and took photos together, we feasted our eyes on the beautiful scenes all the time.

The sunset, we ended trip and reluctantly departed from West of Taihu lake, however, everybody were happy in Flower Expo trip in that day although it was a short one-day trip.

We truly got fun and joy from this Flower Expo trip and the more valuable we got was friendly closer relationship between workmates by this harmonious congregated activity. We believed that everyone here would move forward together with enthusiastic responsible attitude and renewed vigour in our later working. We’d like to try our all for Lintel’s bright future.