Enhance the Team, Set free the dream!--A Team building activity at Muwan
 2015/11/27 | View:27

To be or not to be,it all depends!、

On 21st,Nov.2015, All the staffs of Lintel display Co.,Ltd had a memorable outward bound at Wuxi Muwan base. This activity is aim to promote team cooperation ability. Also it’s a good and effective way to energy and enhance the team. From this point of view, this activity will benefits the company (Lintel) in return on its future development.

As one part of the team, everyone was trying to keep in touch with their nature and feel the warm from this big family. ”Enhance the team, set free the dream” was stick to the games, which the staff cohesive force and strong will built in.

Some warming excises light up the happy time! The atmosphere of team building and Trust were set up in the games very quickly. After that,the group was divided into four teams.All the teams did well in the following competitions. While,the result is not the real thing we actually chased, but the more important thing as the question what you obtained through the team building games. To answer the questions: The success of team is more important than the one of individual person!

Through the games, we found the force of cooperation and communication play great roles in team work, which is worthy to be implemented in any of team-works. Shoulder the responsibility in team and approach the feeling of success!

Close to the nature, relax your body and set free you dream to enhance the team!