Unity, cooperation and common progress ――remember Lintel 2015 annual Winter Games a success
 2016/01/19 | View:24

On Dec.26th,2015,Ling Tong indusial park ushered in the annual sports event.On this day, everyone's role in the rapidly changing, all transformed into dashing players, an amusing Winter Games began.


The games, the company to strengthen the internal cohesion, enhance the work of friendship between colleagues, enrich the spare life of employees for the purpose, after simple preparation, the performance of the employees like small universe outbreaks are unstoppable, active meaning also greatly beyond the expectations of vision, let a person really looking forward to the following games.

The day's events is very wonderful, divided into the following sections, respectively is the wheel rolling, in the same boat, tug of war. The exercise test is not only the physical strength, also need very strong comprehension ability, operation ability and organization skills.

Finally, through the fierce competition, all departments have achieved satisfactory results.

At 4 PM, with all the end of the game, Lintel also came to a close in 2015 games, although the end of the activity, but the game contestants actively in the process of struggle, colleagues common progress, to present all the people left a deep impression, believe in the future work and life, everyone can make more positive performance with the sports meeting.