Insights into the Future of the Exhibition Industry
  2023/11/14| View:459

Lingtong Group held its 16th Marketing Salon on September 20, 2023. The event featured a keynote speech by Chen, the chairman of the China Exhibition Association. Chen discussed the development trends and prospects of the exhibition industry in the new era.


In his speech, Chen first analyzed the new situation and ecology of the exhibition economy under the macro-environment. He divided the ecology into five levels and analyzed the environment and business models facing each level in detail.

Chen then discussed the unique characteristics of the exhibition industry in the era of Chinese-style modernization. He emphasized that digitalization is essential for the development of the exhibition industry in the new era.

Finally, Chen discussed the necessity of green exhibition development and the positive role played by Lingtong in promoting green exhibition. He affirmed Lingtong's contributions to the field of green exhibition and proposed his own insights and opinions on Lingtong's transformation, upgrading, and sustainable development.

In the closing remarks of the meeting, Huang, the CEO of Lingtong Group and the CSO of the marketing platform, expressed his sincere gratitude to Chen for his excellent speech. He also gave a glimpse into the future work and 2024 plans of the marketing platform.

CEO Huang

Huang stressed that the marketing team of Lingtong must keep pace with the development of the exhibition industry, adapt to the changes of the times, meet the needs of the market, and improve their overall quality. They must also actively promote the sustainable development of green exhibition and present a more professional image to meet the challenges brought by the development of the new era.