Modular free standing PVC light box which is tool free
  2022/11/08| View:1445

Q1:What’s the width of the light box?

120mm width

Q2: What size can you make?

Max size 6*2.5m

Q3:What’s the position of the LED strips ?

Top and bottom

Q4:What’s power of the light box ?

Each beam is 3w, for example if the size is 100*200cm , total is 90W

Q5: Can you provide accessory ?

Yes, we have different accessory, for example : TV bracket, angel parts, shelves and etc.

Q6: Do you have any Quality Warrenty ?

Non-artificial damage One year warranty

Q7: What’s the package of light boxes?

Oxford bag with EPE film and wheeled bag with EPE film

Q8: Do you need tools for installation?

Our light box is with snap -pin structure which is tool free design, easy and fast to assemble.