Suggestions on the use of backdrop banners
  2022/11/08| View:539

With the development of the times, backdrop banners are widely used in advertising campaigns, event exhibitions, and other areas. So there is no doubt that this simple product is one of the most effective marketing tools for any business.

backdrop banner

Before we advise, we must take you through what a backdrop banner is. A backdrop banner consists of a custom-printed banner mounted on a metal base that can be easily expanded and contracted. We can think of it as an inverted curtain, but instead of pulling the curtain down like a window, we pull it up and hang the top on a support rod. The backdrop banner was originally designed to be portable, eye-catching, and easy for advanced traveling sales assistants attending trade shows or exhibitions. Now you can see it anywhere. So, as a professional manufacturer of backdrop banners, we'll give you some suggestions below to get the most out of your backdrop banner.

1. Usage. Backdrop banners are available in various models for indoor or outdoor use. So before you buy one, determine where, when, and how often you will use it. Consider the amount of traffic on foot or by car and the possible sight paths that may block your message. For maximum visibility, consider choosing a double-sided model and consider the proper height and width to maximize exposure, regardless of your location or situation.

2. Size. Choosing the width and height of your backdrop banner depends heavily on where you plan to display it. The benefits of choosing a wider model are obvious, as you can maximize your marketing message on a banner that looks the size of a billboard. If space is limited, you can contact the manufacturer to make a plan.

3. Budget. Whether you have a small or a large budget, any business in any industry can benefit from a backdrop banner. That said, you don't have to spend a fortune to make a good impression. We have custom banner stands that are budget-friendly.

4. Content. When designing a banner stand, it's best to keep it simple. Large, quality photos, banners, websites, logos, and short text blocks. Short, catchy phrases are easy to read and understand and tend to make a more lasting impression. After you've decided on an appropriate phrase, you can start getting into more detail, but don't feel like you have to tell the whole story. Keep a brochure or handout next to your banner stand to include additional information.

These are just a few suggestions for using backdrop banners. I hope they will help you!