Design features of the SEG Light Box
  2022/09/06| View:344

The outer frame of the SEG Light Box is made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel, and the surface of the Box is made of plexiglass. When designing the SEG Light Box, we generally give priority to the following.

SEG Light Box.jpg

1. Uniqueness

SEG Light Box is the object of dynamic pedestrian, pedestrians through the visual image of advertising to receive product information, so the design should consider the distance, perspective, and environment three factors. In the Open Plaza and the sidewalk on the road, the audience at a distance of 10 meters, looking at the head 5 meters above the object is more convenient. Therefore, the first step in the design should be based on distance, perspective, and environment three factors to determine the location of advertising, and size. Common outdoor SEG Light Box is generally rectangular, and square, we need to design according to the specific environment, so that outdoor advertising shape and background coordination, result in visual beauty. The shape does not have to be uniform and can be diversified, the size should also be based on the actual size of the space and environmental conditions.

2. Suggestive

Since the audience is the flow of pedestrians, then in the design should take into account the audience through the advertising location and time. Pedestrian is not willing to accept the complex picture, only the surprise of the simple picture and revealing form attract the attention of pedestrians, in order to attract the audience to watch the ads.

3. Simplicity

Simplicity is an important principle in the design of the SEG Light Box. The whole picture and even the whole facility should be as simple as possible. The design should be original and original, try to leave the audience with ample room for imagination. Want to know the value of consumer attention to advertising and the amount of information on the screen is inversely proportional.

4. Planning

A successful SEG Light Box has to be as carefully planned as any other AD. The advertisement designer does not have a certain goal and advertisement strategy, the advertisement design has lost its direction. So when the designer carries on the advertisement creativity, first must carry on some market research, analysis, the forecast activity, on this basis to develop advertising graphics, language, color, object, publicity level, and marketing strategy.

5. Rational graphic and text design should follow the aesthetic principles of graphic design in outdoor advertising design

Graphics can attract people's attention, so graphic design in outdoor advertising design is particularly important. Graphics can be divided into advertising graphics and product graphics in two forms. Advertising graphics are related to the theme of advertising graphics, product graphics is to promote and introduce the product graphics, in order to reproduce the appearance of goods, so that the audience can see its appearance and internal features. Therefore, we should strive to be concise and eye-catching in graphic design. Graphics should generally be placed in the visual center, which can effectively capture the viewer's line of sight, guide them to further read the ad copy, and stimulate resonance. In addition to graphic design, but also with vivid text design, so as to reflect the authenticity of outdoor advertising, dissemination, persuasion, and agitation of the characteristics.

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