Use the double sided backdrop to your advantage
  2022/08/05| View:21

Double sided backdrop is a kind of painting substrate in the advertisement, which belongs to the outdoor waterproof and sunscreen material and is widely used in daily life. What's a double sided backdrop? What is the double sided backdrop for the inkjet? Double sided backdrop is an outdoor waterproof and sunscreen material, also known as a double-sided canvas. The main feature is the ability to paint the same or different images on both sides at the same time.

double sided backdrop

Double sided backdrop is a kind of outdoor waterproof and sunscreen material. Through the principle of spray printing, the designed files are printed to the surface of double sided backdrop by computer output to form a picture. Used for large outdoor advertising, double sided backdrop with cold resistance, flame retardant, and anti-ultraviolet characteristics. The material on both sides of the double sided backdrop itself is made up of white, and in order to make the images opaque and not affect each other after installation, a layer of black cloth is also placed in the middle of the double sided backdrop, but under normal circumstances, the middle layer of black is invisible. This kind of material is softer and is better than ordinary outdoor spray-painted cloth. The edges are not easy to curl, but the price will be more expensive than ordinary materials, and because of its high-definition graphics, so more suitable for high-end places use, such as shopping malls, car stores, and so on.

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