Large 4m SEGpro Lightbox
  2022/07/22| View:33

Lintel has built a full system for our SEGpro lightbox products, including aluminum/PVC 120mm lightbox, which is the perfect modular system to be used as a booth for exhibition, and trade show. We also have the aluminum/PVC 85mm lightbox, which is lightweight and cost-effective. And we also have the 60mm backlit lightbox, which has the smallest package and saves shipping cost.

Before, the max height we can make is 3m, but some customers are also looking for a higher option. So our engineers have created a totally new backwall, with height 4m. Compared to traditional aluminum fabric backwall, our lightbox backwall will be more bright and eye-catching. Customers can see your booth even in a far away distance.

By the way, the intallation is still very easy, with our snap pin structure. And for packages, we will pack the frame with wheeled bag, so customers can take them conveniently.

Pls feel free to contact us if you have any interest.