Process requirements of SEG Light Box
  2022/04/02| View:533

The SEG Light Box functions as a way to communicate information to people outside and at a distance through natural Light. The farsightedness effect of the advertisement works is strong, which is beneficial to the modern society's fast rhythm, the high efficiency, the people who come and go in a hurry to pay attention in the distance.

SEG Light Box

The color of SEG Light Box printing is superior to that of graphics and text in visual communication. Can each element truly represent the intention of the advertisement designer and achieve the best effect of visual communication, is through a variety of printing methods. The principle of SEG Light Box's color pattern copy is based on the tone copy. In order to meet the requirements of the printing process, in the past, the image of a continuously adjusted manuscript was decomposed into a mosaic-like shape by using screen and photographic screening and electronic color separation screening, the human eye can not distinguish in the observation distance, the different density level image pixel dot achieves the continuous adjustment in the observation distance the visual effect.

No matter which printing process is used, the level and clarity of the original copy should be reproduced on the printed matter as efficiently as possible. The line copy is not very difficult to copy, and copying the tone of the original is much more difficult. The image on the SEG Light Box is transformed into a dot-based image with Light, dark and Light layers, which looks the same as the original, either by photographic screening or electronic color screening. Select the original SEG Light Box to consider: the color, tone value, structure, color saturation, and shape of the five factors.