How to maintain SEG light box?
  2021/11/30| View:699

With the development of The Times, the spread of information can be said to be a scramble for things, and for tourists, the most convenient way to learn new information is to learn it in a variety of ways. Also because of the huge reading crowd in the SEG light box, in this era, to play its biggest role, also make the SEG light box visible on almost every street corner, just, you know, these perennial solar and wind SEG light boxes also need maintenance and last longer.

Although the SEG light box looks beautiful, and the advertising effect is also very good, but many people do not know that maintaining the SEG light box is actually a very troublesome thing, well, many businesses do not know how to keep the SEG light box after they start using it. Today we will teach you how to correctly maintain it, so as to extend its service life.

crowd in the SEG light box

Because SEG light boxes are exposed to wind and sun all year round, good maintenance of their LED lights is especially necessary. LED lights must be stored in a dry of outdoor poster display, ventilated environment, because of this environment,LED lights will have a longer life, so this will be a higher requirement of the external structure of the light box, do a good enough waterproof light box to increase the life of the light box.

In addition, SEG light boxes must be very careful when cleaning. When cleaning, we must cut off the power supply to ensure the safety of the cleaning personnel, and do not use unknown cleaning agent to clean the SEG light box, which may cause corrosion of the SEG light box, or damage the brightness of the LED lamp, causing unnecessary trouble. SEG light box only regular inspection and maintenance, in order to make it forever beautiful, for the enterprise publicity.

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