Super Charing Station Pylon Project
  2021/11/05| View:40

Nowadays, new energy vehicles are more and more popular all over the world. At the same time, more and more supercharging stations are needed. Since last year, we started to cooperate with CAMS company for supercharging station pylons. Just one year, we have made more than 2000 pylons and there will be more in the next year. 


Before we saw news, there were a lot of cars waiting for charging on the highway during national holiday. As we all know, power charging time will be longer than refueling. Many cars waited for 3-5 hours. To avoid that, we think supercharging stations will be much more than petrol stations in the near future.


All our totems are illuminated, they are light boxes. Main structure is metal with powder coating grey color. Side illuminated acrylic, we use green color to match CAMS logo color. Surface panels are changeable, we use screws to fix to main structure. If you need to change texts on the pylon, we only need to change one panel. It can save cost. And it will also help maintenance if LED doesn’t work. Surface illuminated letters, we can make channel letters or push through opal acrylic.

This year, we are starting to work with FAW-Volkswagen. At the same time, Audi also asked for similar pylons. Next year, we plan to work with more brands.

If you have similar sign projects, it’s glad we can cooperate together.