Enjoyful and Meaningful Outing Day !
  2021/04/30| View:336

To celebrate the big success on April's orders , and enjoy the team work and good sunshine ,Lintel Display held an OUTING for the team on 30th April.

In the morning, the whole team was divided into 3 teams to play some different interesting games, finally one team won the game successfully in the shortest time . 

We all learnt that team work is the most important for us, no matter in games or in the work ; we also learnt that everybody should join in and share the ideas to make things more efficiency ; what's more, we also find not only the team leaders have good ideas, everybody can come out with very amazing ideas to help the team to win .

We also had BBQ at noon,some people may not good at cooking but they still tried very hard to do BBQ to make all of us happy , everybody enjoyed it and took good care of others very well , not only pay attention to own "mouth".

It was really a enjoyful and meaningful day for all the team members , with such a nice team , our customers should be more confident to place their orders to Lintel Display to win more projects from their customers .We also hope our customers can join us for more interesting activities in the future !

deyuan outing.jpg