Benefits of pop up display at trade fairs
  2021/03/03| View:272

1) Easy to assemble/disassemble

One of the main advantages of the pop up display booth is the ease of assembly/disassembly. Due to the function of popping up and unfolding the pop-up box, one person can set up the pop-up workshop in a short time. The magnetic stripe is guided to the correct path of the frame, so all you have to do is to lock it in place. The frame magnetic strip is divided into three parts, which means fewer parts and easier operation. There are almost no moving parts, so there is almost no chance of breakage, and the service life/durability is improved.

2) Flexible/reusable

We understand that most companies pay attention to cost, which is why pop up display is very suitable for your next trade show. The pop-up display is very flexible and even interchangeable. When you need to prepare new graphics for your booth due to outdated marketing materials or seasonal promotions, just call Linteldisplay and we will meet all your graphics needs. The new design printed in-house can be used immediately on the same frame without any additional steps, it's that simple!

3) Portable

Our pop up display booth is easy to transport and has a lightweight and portable frame. The stand rack (8 or 10 feet wide) can be easily folded into a durable compact suitcase to improve portability and reduce transportation costs. Compared with traditional all-in-one displays, they can be easily installed and transported to your vehicle. Your showcase can be used again and again, which is a huge advertising investment.

pop up display.jpg

4) Customizable

Distinguish yourself from other exhibitors at the trade show by customizing the booth display graphics to suit your needs and showcase your products or services. Enhance the display effect of the product to the audience through custom design, and leave a deep impression on potential customers. Choose how you want to display company elements and logos to create brand awareness, which will be remembered by visitors to the exhibition.