LINTEL Disinfection Floor Mat
 2020/08/22 | View:47

Factory price durable disinfecting shoe mat disinfecting carpet for entrance

1.Professional real factory.

2.backing made of pvc material,waterproof

3.many colors are available-red green blue grey black maroon beige

4.different pile for different usages samples are available

6.professional sales team and best service.

how to use disinfection mat

1.Lay the disinfection pad at the door.

2.Mix the 84/Bleach disinfectant with water at a ratio of 1: 99 and pour onto the disinfectant door mat

3.Enter the door and pass through the disinfection area to disinfect the shoes

4.Pass the quick-drying area to absorb the disinfectant of the sole and enter the room

5.Replenish disinfectant at least every 4 hours.

6.Clean up the residual disinfectant of door mat everyday.