8K.M. walking event which name after "Love in DE YUAN"
 2016/04/14 | View:23

  In the morning of April 9th, the 8K.M. walking event held in the De Yuan of Yaoguan town.

More than one thousand people attended this event. It is more likely walking with Spring rather than a racing. Song Jia lake and Wei dun site are 2 important stops for the journey where fully shows the Spring season!

At 8 A.M, the opening ceremony held in the De Yuan plaza, everyone cheered for this event with their manifesto and insistence, and delivery the will and positive sprites to everyone. We the members from sales dept.of Lintel have already been set for the coming challenge.

The 8K.M. Journey started with a loud command, all of Lintel’s colleagues set out one by one,along the gate of De Yuan plaza, through Wei Dun Site and arrived at the destination -Song Jian lake.All members were awarded honor Certificates with red chops by the organization!

Among this teams, we can see white-haired people and children under ten years old, also office staffs who has less chance for sporting and Long-term voyage enthusiasts. But the most notable team -Lintel, they walk together in front of the groups, they set up a positive spirit and team cooperation consciousness for all teams, at the same time, creating a Lintel spirit for pioneer and invention.

After the activity, many colleagues mentioned “Health” and “Happy”. A health body can lead to more excellent work and gain more happy.

Lintel is willing to provide advertising exhibition equipment freely such as flag banners, outdoor sign board, pop up stand in later coming activities. Hope more and more people can take part in public welfare activities.

Do you want to join us???