2014 Annual Convention of Changzhou Lintel Display Co., Ltd
 2015/02/04 | View:38

On 26th, Jan.2015, Annual Convention of ChangZhou Lintel Display Co., Ltd was grandly held at Changzhou Deyuan Hotel and ended with a complete success! The attendees are the Chairman of Lingtong investment group Mr. Liu Jianping, Vice-Chairman of Lingtong investment gourp Mr. Liu Yuguang, President of Lingtong Exhibition System Co., Ltd Mr. Huang biao, Director of Asset Management of Lingtong investment group Mrs. Ling Zhi, Director of Human Resources of Lingtong investmen group Mrs. Qin Zhen as well as General Manager Mr. Cheng Xiaofeng and Assistant General Manager Zheng Xiaofei of Changzhou Lintel Display Co., Ltd. 

Mr. Huang biao,President of Lingtong Exhibition System Co., Ltd, delivered a speech at  beginning of the convention. He looked back into the past years of Lintel, and affirm the brilliant achievements that Lintel made over the past year 2014. Lintel reached one and another new heights with its sure-footed strides year by year. They can not achieve the developments without the hard-working workers in front lines and their joint efforts that they made. It is they who deserve to the honors!

The convention also highly commended to the staffs who made great contribution to company in 2014. And the invited guests, Chairman Liu Jianping, Vice-Chairman Liu Yuguang and G.M. Cheng Xiaofeng awarded them the Outstanding Staff of 2014!

Mr. Cheng had a impressive speech at the meeting, Since 1998, it is a sixteen-year journey, we have been fighting,struggling and still on the marching way. The sweat we spred, the passion we lighted over the years have now approved its worth! Mr.Cheng also indicated that to be a leading spirit of each department, and the backbone of Lintel, the managers play important roles in direction guiding,policy operation and effectively managing! 

Recalling the history of Lintel’s development, there are always lot of touching stories and lovely people! it is they who regard the factory as their own house; It is they who take the work as their own business and it is they who sacrifice much but with grand passion. They are the vitness of Lintel’s growth and the time.

We shall never forget any one who contributes to Lintel, to say nothing of the ones served for 10 years or more than. They were awarded as “Lingtong Outstanding Contribution” and awarded a 60g Silver medal prize. It is announced,a 60g Golden medal prize will be awarded to the staff who work for Lingtong 20 years. But by now, no people honored to have one.

The convention had a success ending at 18:00. 

After the annual convention, the annual dinner was proceeded in the grand hall of Deyuan Hotel. Many brilliant and popular programs were performed by Lintel staffs. Be with the melody and cheer arose, they dance into a promising 2015 and bright future of Lintel!