Spread love, one by one――
 2014/12/09 | View:26

Charity is not also a sign of civilization, but also a way to express our love.Help each other,be benevolent to the weak and poor is a traditional virtue of Chinese nation.

Qing tuan zhuang junior middle school,localed in northwest of China which is a poor and desert place.In order to help the local students to finish their study,since year 2005,Ling Tong investment group launched a donation for this school every year and this Nov.20-Dec.20,group called for a donation again.Every group member react positively,especially our Lintel.Every one took part in this activity and a wave of love and positive energy full of the whole company immediately.Money loaded every staff’s best wishes and hopes,we believe that students will feel it and be more confident and brave in their life.

• Until now,school infrastructures like laboratory,dormitory and canteen have been already put into use.It brings large help for the students and teachers.What’s more the student canteen also be listed for the model building in their county.On the other side,the enrolment rate and drop-out rate of this school is getting better and better.All the news proves that Ling Tong Student Sponsorship Program has got a significant initial results.

As the lyric of a song wirting :”Every one donate a piece of love,the word will be more beautiful.”Let’s singing together and spread our love one bye one.