Wonderful,Healthy and Happy Sports
 2014/12/09 | View:30

On 6th Dec, we exercise, we healthy, we happy," the well-informed slogan sounded in every corner of the industrial park.At 13:00, in the industrial park, flags fluttering, full of people, Lintel company stylistic games is going to start.

Different kind of style, high morale, follow "athletes march" to the beat,all staffs walked strong pace, the tidy pace confirms their beliefs together, the loud slogans showed their indomitable determination,”How many times a sweat, the pain level to fill the memory, just because always believe, to fight to win, always encouraged myself to be successful you have to work, the blood boiling in the game....”A song "believe in yourself" brought the power and ambition to everyone to work hard!

Subsequently, the intense competition started officially. This sports meeting divided all the staffs into 5 teams : Purchasing & production Team, Assembling Team,Metaling Team, QC&Finance&HR Team, Sales Team, there were 3 sport games : “Ten people with eleven foot "," dress relay "and " clip the ball ", each game there were 3 rankings.Eventually, after a fierce competition, we have had the top three in each game:
Ten people with eleven foot: First Metaling Team, Second Sales Team, Third Assembling Team
dress relay: First Purchasing & production Team, Second QC&Finance&HR Team, Third Sales Team
clip the ball : First Assembling Team, Second Metaling Team, Third QC&Finance&HR Team.

At 16:00,With the end of the game project, Lintel company stylistic games also came to a close.Although the sport games finished, the participants hearty laughter still echoed in the industrial park, beautiful dream on "exercise, healthy, happy" continues.