Lintel Fire-safety Training Lecture
 2014/04/08 | View:28

To popularize staff safety knowledge,raise awareness of fire safety, carry out fire-safety work in the company, Lintel and Yaoguan Anju Fire Education Center organized a safety training in the afternoon on 4th April.

We invited training officer Mr Zhang from Changzhou Anju Fire Education Center to do the lecture, his lecture focused on the following points: safety(electrical, wires safety)
2.production safety(how to investigate and discover the fire hazards)
3.Learn the safety knowledge of “Three understand, three clear, three will, three off”,etc.
4.Safety knowledge during the way to work and the way home) Auto ignition and rapid response),etc.

During the traning, Mr Zhang use stories of success and failure with the pros and cons to explain various reasons may cause the fires and the precautions;And he also did a live demonstration of the proper use of fire extinguishers and fire blankets. All of us increased the fire knowledge, learned to escape by self-help approach and also learned the use fire-fighting equipments.It lays a solid foundation for our future good living and working environment.

We do appreciate Mr Zhang’s training! Thank you.