Lintel was awarded Certificate of
 2014/02/14 | View:21

Since implement of "Standardization of safe production" last year, all levels attached great importance by setting up a special monitoring group with careful deploy to establish the concept of long-term security mechanisms, earnestly deal with the hidden rectification measures. We were awarded honorary certificate of "Standardization of National Safety Production Grade Three” in December 2013.

After a comprehensive review, The Safety and Supervision Bureau deems that our work in promoting safety standardization, according to national standards, industry safety regulations, improving relevant management system, and actively carrying out the work, strengthening the full safety education and training increases investment in safety and inspection reform efforts to improve production operations environment, agreed by the Division of safety standard three.

2014, Lintel will continue, clarify work safety guidelines, standardization of production experience in the three security on the basis of consolidation, standardization continue to deepen the work of production safety, enhance the company's overall safety management level.