Distributors & Lintel Display Join Hands in Creating a Beautiful Future-- Congratulations to The Successful Convening of Distributors Meeting.
 2016/01/19 | View:21

In order to pass professional products technical knowledge and share market development experience to help the distributors have a better understanding of the market demands for the “ T3 & TR5” System, Changzhou Lintel Display Co.,Ltd held the meeting during 9-10th Jan.

At the beginning , Mr Cheng Xiaofeng ,the General Manager of Lintel Display explained the future marketing strategy and developments. He said,Lintel will re-sort the markets with fearless spirits to overcome any resistance to the development of T3 & TR5, while increasing support for distributors to do a better service for the consumers.

The inventor of “T3 & TR5” , Mr Jonathan Evitt also attended the meeting, from the design point of view, he described his insights of T3 itself and the market development in details, which won the unanimous recognition from all the attendees, those who also obtained more in-depth understanding of the system.

The meeting was a great success, distributors shared their views on the development of the existing products as well as the detailed planning for the future, that indicated there will be a bright prospects for the “T3&TR5” system in China.

Finally, Lintel Display showed their desire to support and cooperate with distributors to achieve the goal of mutual benefit and win a prosperous future.