Conference for Lintel Distributors on Trainning T3 System
 2015/06/18 | View:23

To be knoledged more about T3 system and the marketing experiecnce, a large-scale conference for distributors was orginazied by Changzhou Lintel Display Co., Ltd in early June. More than 30 distributors attended this conference which covering 28 main provinces in domestic country.

As the only authorized agent of T3 system in China, Lintel firmly sticks to the business philosophy making T3 product the popular and top exhibition solution in China. 

The conference is composed of 4 parts: Firstly, Discussion on technical specification and difficulties with Lintel engineers; Secondly, Presentation of classical T3 solutions in both domestic and foreign countries; The 3rd, The Marketing experience shared by Lintel Sales manager; Last, time for attenders rasing questions.

In the conference, all the attenders were attracted by the the speakers who made great presentations of products and interaction with people there. After the meeting, attenders speak highly of this conference for they learned much about this product and experience that they ever had before. We all believe that, T3 system will be a golden brand in the filed of exhibition.

We firmly believe that Changzhou Lintel Display Co.,Ltd will stand at totally new starting point, leading the business a bright future with joining hands of more parters. And the brand”LINTEL” will be there!