Folding Lightbox Innovations and Patent Controversies
  2024/04/18| View:403

In the wake of Xiaomi SU7's debut, which sparked conversations due to its striking resemblance to Porsche's designs, another industry sees parallel disputes under the spotlight. Lintel Display, a pioneer in the design and manufacture of folding lightboxes, now finds its innovative designs mirrored suspiciously by competing products on the market.

Much like the Xiaomi SU7, which could easily be mistaken for a Porsche if not for the logos, several products currently available closely echo the patented design features of Lintel Display’s lightboxes. These similarities have not only caused confusion among consumers but have also raised concerns over intellectual property rights.

Responding to these allegations, a senior manager from a leading tech company mirrored the sentiments of Porsche China's Ke Shi Mai, suggesting that great minds think alike and that similarity in design is often a byproduct of excellent design standards converging