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The Modular Flat Sign System
The Modular Flat Sign System

The Modular Flat Sign System

The Modular Flat Sign System is one of the most flexible modular systems.
The Modular Flat Sign System is a customizable system, with options for wall-mounted, double-sided and projection signs, as well as being completely modular. The system can be implemented in practically any location, including: corporate, hospital, education, shopping areas and airports.
Product Detail

Product Description

Works very well alongside and matches well with other similar leading modular systems. It is a flexible sign system, utilizing a well-designed holding strip that holds the front of the sign which features a beautifully flat aluminum face panel.


Whether you want to mount this system to the wall or have it suspended in a corridor, we can produce this to your particular specification. This system also utilizes the latest cutting edge materials and design-function, as well as offering various colour options.

Product Detail

Material: Aluminum frame; Plastic clip; Plastic end cap;

Packaging: Carton; Wooden package; Hard case


1. Surface finish: Painting; UV printing; Screen printing; Vinyl

2.Same frame can combine to different signs.


1. Luxury aluminium alloy frame makes the sign stronger.

2. Eco-friendly material and long-term use.

3. Elegant appearance.

4. Flexible combination.

5. Easily fix to wall using double adhesive tape or self-tapping screws.


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