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Pop up Stand LT-09L1-A
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aluminum pop up exhibition stand

Pop up Stand LT-09L1-A

Lintel display can easily design and produce a pop-up stand for your next trade show. Single and double-sided graphic available. You can choose our unique curved or straight design background made of seamless tension fabric.
Product Detail

Own-designed pop up display. With velcro attracting picture technology and unruffled rolling picture surface. The folded aluminum frame of pop up exhibition stand could be converted into a large-scale displaying frame instantly. Quick assembling within 5 minutes, a special and widely used displaying system will appear. There are many styles and specifications for choice. After being folded, it could be put into a box with wheels and transported to the warehouse.


Hook Fabric Pop Up Display LT-09L1-A

The easiest pop up display comes with a seamless single fabric panel. The fabric graphic creates clean, straight edges, smooth effect. Green locking arms to make it stable. Lightweight anodized aluminum frame that is quick and easy to set up.

• Anodized aluminum frame that is quick and easy to set up

• Green locking arms to make it stable

• Graphic stays attached to frame with hook and loop webbing into bag

Single-sided or double-sided as option

Square or circle aluminum across bars are available to choose

Steel shelf or plastic shelf as option

You can make a great impression with this easy fabric pop up display. Just remove from the carry case and pull up to instantly open up this amazing display.


Pop up stand instruction
SMS053 LT-09L1-A安装图.jpg


Material: Aluminum frame; Magnetic bars; PVC panel printing

Packing:Trolley bag; Hard case

Graphic Size(cm)73. 35 73.3573. 35*73.3573. 35*73.3573. 35*73.35

Storage tips

After each use, fold the tension fabric to help prevent wrinkles. If you see wrinkles, they will disappear once you set up your pop-up display. You can also iron or steam the fabric to eliminate wrinkles at your will.


Questions & Answers

Q: How long will my display last?

A: With proper care and normal wear and tear, the expected lifespan of our pop-ups is roughly 6 years.

Q: Which size do you recommend for a standard booth size for tradeshows?

A: The 224 x 224cm pop-up works well with most standard-size trade show booths.

Q: What are end caps good for?

A: End caps extend the display material to conceal the side view of the frame and ensure a pulled-together, professional look.

Q: Can I buy a graphic on its own?

A: Yes, but we can only guarantee it will fit our frame.

Q: Is the fabric flame-retardant?

A: The pop-up display is NFPA701 fire certified.

Q: How many people are needed for assembly? How long is the average assembly time for the minimum amount of people?

A: The pop-up can be assembled with one person, but would be the most efficient having one other person to help put the fastener on. Assembly is quick and takes around 5 minutes!

Q: What is the specification for the LED Display lights?

A: Our LED lights are 20-watt and rated to last about 20,000 hours of use.

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