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Pavement Sign LT-10-SR32-A
Pavement Sign LT-10-SR32-A
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Pavement Sign LT-10-SR32-A

Pavement sign is single side,using 32mm alu. Profiles.Its Snap frame can be round or mitred corners.This billboard is waterproof,can be in silver or black.Double sided poster board is also available.
Product Detail

Product description: Most popular pavement sign indoor or outdoor, almost any place or event to stand.

Product detail
Material: Aluminum
Packing: Carton


Graphic Size59.4*84.1cm (A1)
Packing Size150*13*68cm

1. High quality aluminum frame with perfect anodized surface finish, with our without header.
2. Single or double side.
3. UV resistance PVC sheet to protect the graphic inside.
4. Stainless clip inside to prevent rusts,steel sheet or PS plastic plate as backboard.
5. Customer size is available.
6. K5K5K carton to protect product inside.

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